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VBON 9000 Puffs Disposable Kit use type-c to recharge,each device contain 600mah battery and 18ml oil, you can use it any where, but not public places, contact vicky for wholesale order, min order only need 100pcs

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What is VBON 9000 Puffs Disposable Vape?

Disposable vape VBON 9000 puffs is one of the most popular disposable e-cigarettes in Italy. It is equipped with RGB light at the bottom and will emit a cool RGB light every time you puff. the vape contains 18ML e-liquid and a 600mah rechargeable battery, so using Type-c charging can provide 9000 puffs.

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Think you may want to know about VBON 9000 Puffs


1.Can I shut down the RGB light?

You cannot turn off  VBon’s RGB light, because the cool RGB light is a feature of the VBon 9000 puffs disposable electronic cigarette, it will be triggered with every puff until the battery runs out.

2.What is the best flavor?

I personally recommend the following 3 flavors to people who are using e-cigarettes for the first time and want to quit e-cigarettes
Top 1:Red Bull

Top 2:Watermelon Ice

Top 3:Mamba

Can it be recharge?  Yes, type-c recharge
What is the suggest retail price?  12-15€
How many puff i can get from One VBON 9000 Puffs disposable Device?
Can I refill Vbon 9000 Kit?


1. 2% 5% Nicotine level
2.Puffs:9000 Puffs long lasting disposable vape
4.30 flavors available
5.Built-in 600Mah
6.Type-C recharge
7.Made in China

Flavor List:

1.Kiwi Passion Fruit Guava

2.Mixed Berries

3.Blue Razz Ice

4.Blueberry pomegranate

5.Blueberry Cherry Cranberry

6.Red Bull

7.watermelon ice

8.Watermelon Brazz Ice

9.Strawberry Watermelon

10.Strawberry Lemonade

11.Strawberry Cream

12.Strawberry ice

13.Strawberry Kiwi

14.Strawberry Watermelon Lemonade

15.Mango On ice

16.Peach Ice

17.Peach mango

18.blueberry ice

19.Peach Mango Pineapple

20.Peach blueberry candy

21. gummy bear

22 .mango peach guava

23. passion fruit orange guava

24. red Apple ice

25. Peach lemon

26. lemon mint lime

27. strawberry pineapple orange

28. Apple peach

29. shake shake ice

30. manba

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Shipping detail:

Prodution time:3-10 working days
Shipping time:8-14 working days

All products in our store are 100% original and authentic,so Ten times compensation for fake goods is our shop policy.

After-sales service:

Notice:No refunds or exchanges for non-quality issues
1. Customers can choose the flavor they want, but if the flavor is out of stock, the production department will choose a popular flavor to replace it. Customers are not allowed to apply for refunds or exchanges based on flavors.

2. When quality problems occur, please provide specific video and picture descriptions.
If you cannot provide evidence such as videos and photos, the goods cannot be replaced.

For more detailed Wholesale Price, MOQ, available flavors, please contact our sales manager vicky whatsapp:+8618077105750

Vape sales manager vicky


Shipment and Factory Display:

Vape factory (2)RANDM TORNADO 12000 VAEP FACTORYWAREHOUSEVape factory shipment

Weight 75 kg


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