Rotating Gears Dynamic Screen Display Bang Vape 20000 puffs Kit


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Tick Tock vape with Rotating Gears Dynamic Screen Display bang 20000 Puffs was a recharage disposable kit, contain 500mah Battery and 25ml liquid, each bang 20000 vape device can provide you 15000-20000 Puffs.

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Rotating Gears  Bang Vape 20000 puffs Kit

The Bang Vape 20000 puffs Kit Tick Tock is a disposable e-cigarette device with the unique features of rotating gears and a dynamic screen inside the plastic case,and it has a large e-liquid capacity of 25 ML and a built-in 1.0Ω atomization mesh coil, Bang Vape 20k puffs can provides users with a more delicate taste,and each kit can take up to 20,000 puffs.
The Rotating Gears Dynamic  Bang 20000 puffs device is powered by a built-in 500mAh battery and is equipped with a Type-C charging port,through the LCD Screen, you can easily know when you need to charge your device.

Tick Tock 25k Puffs Disposable Device With Rotating Gears Dynamic Screen Display


1.How to know if a vape is fully charged?

The LED screen on the device will display the battery usage and charging status,when the battery is fully charged, the lightning sign on the screen will show the 100%.

2.Can a Rotating Gears Dynamic Screen Display vape be overcharged?

First of all, it is recommended not to use fast charging chargers to charge disposable e-cigarettes, as this will shorten battery life.

Secondly, overcharging the e-cigarette battery will cause increased heat production, which will put stress on the battery,  and this stress can cause irreversible damage to the battery, reducing its overall capacity and lifespan.

Finally, each charging time should not exceed two hours.


☑2%/5% Nicotine
☑ Puffs:18000
☑ Capacity:25ml
☑ 200 pcs per carton
☑ Type-C prot
☑ LCD display
☑ 500mah Rechargeable 17350
☑ Mesh Coil 1.0Ω
☑ 200pcs in a carton.
☑ each carton 22 kg

How many  Flavor Available?

1.Strawberry mango
2.Energy Drink
3.Blueberry cherry lemonade
4.Black dragon ice
5.Peach ice
6.Strawberry Banana
7.Mix Fruit
8.Blueberry Ice
9.Watermelon Ice
10.Strawberry Kiwi
11.Bleueberry Raspberry
12.Strawberry Watermelon

Package Contents:

1 x Bang Vape Rotating Gears Dynamic Screen Display 20000 Puffs Kit

Diposable Device Bang Vape 20K Puffs Bulk Price

MSRP: 18USD/Piece

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Shipping detail:
we are vape factory from China, not support cash on delivery.

Prodution time:3-7 working days
Shipping time:8-14 working days

Payment Details:

We support pay by iban or western union,we are vape factory from China, not support cash on delivery.

All products in our store are 100% original and authentic,so Ten times compensation for fake goods is our shop policy.

Can I get a sample first?
Min order 100pcs, not sale for personal smoke, MOQ limited, not free sample.

After-sales service:

Notice:No refunds or exchanges for non-quality issues
1. Customers can choose the flavor they want, but if the flavor is out of stock, the production department will choose a popular flavor to replace it. Customers are not allowed to apply for refunds or exchanges based on flavors.

2. When quality problems occur, please provide specific video and picture descriptions.
If you cannot provide evidence such as videos and photos, the goods cannot be replaced.

For more detailed Wholesale Price, MOQ, available flavors, please contact our sales manager vicky whatsapp:+8618077105750

Vape sales manager vicky


Weight 105 kg


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